Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Hey! so today is my 1 year anni. on blogger and it is also the 1 year anniversary of my most amazing and perfect dog passing away.

Today was my BIG day for finals. Now I only have one left tomorrow and an essay to write and I will be DONE for a whole month! I go t like 2 hours of sleep last night so I took a concerta to get me through the day, but mostly it made me dizzy and nauseous. But I am fairly certain I will pass all my classes and keep my scholarship.

My grandmother friend requested me on facebook today. It kinda took me off guard, but my mother forbade me to add her because of all the profanity i use and all my gay stuff (my grandma is mormon). Also my god mother it thinking about moving for the 2nd time in 3 years, but I doubt she will go through with it. so always goes through odd phases. But if she does it wont be more than 20 or so miles. She really gets on my nerves a lot, which i feel guilty for because I owe most of the good stuff in my life to her, but ever since her partner died she hasn't been the same.

I have some money again! I got $100 from my parents for Mickolosh, which i am sure is spelled wrong, but it is the Czech christmas basically, and we celebrate it in the forst week or two of December because I am seldom home for actual Christmas, and then I have also been selling back my text books to UNM. I am gonna try to keep up my no spending streak though.

I am really thinking about applying for a billion scholarships and grants for next year or the year after and going to a school in New England for a semester or a year. probably Boston University, because I have connections there thanks to the NSLC and it is a good school.

I have reestablished contact with all 4 of my friends that i have been growing distant with, although i dont see any of them being what they were. I also made some new friends! Both were from this online website, Stickam. One is this really cool druggie kid who is one of the most interesting people i have ever met and he is really sweet and actually smart. The other is this younger kid who just seems to be totally lost with life and is having problems, so I am just kinda there as a distraction. Im kinda lost myself while my BFF is in Brazil... but I could be worse.

So that about all the news.

I want to thank all of you for helping me out so much over the past year and I am really proud to have 87 followers!!! And of course all my phantom readers. I plan on being here at this tome next year. I LOVE YOU ALL!!!

And dont forget about my tumblr and formspring links on the side!!! I need tumlbr followers and I love having questions on my formspring. And comments are always welcome on here!!! Haha, im done advertising myself now. :)

Im memoriam:

1995-Dec 14, 2009.
Shasta, the dog I will forever and always love above all others. I miss you baby!!! :'(
Haha, writing that ^ made me cry.


  1. Congrats on all the "up", Anton! The blog, the exams, new friends, old friends, everything! And go for those scholarships and grants. New England is BEAUTIFUL at any season, so you'll love it up there, and Boston is a great city.

    Except Shasta, I'm so sorry. My "first" dog that was really mine was Bear. He died after a 3 week illness, and I only lasted 363 days until I had to have a new one. Bullwinkle is now approaching old age (at 12, I guess he is old for a Lab/Shepherd/Chow mix), and he's perfect, too. So hopefully you will eventually get another great dog as a companion! They sure do a lot to lift your spirits.

    I do see your tumblr, haven't signed up yet to follow, so I'm a phantom there, haha. It is in my blogroll. Glad you're planning on being around, your blog is interesting, and you seem like a real cool guy!

    Peace <3

  2. You get a two week Hungarian Christmas? Well I never. How do you keep sober and working hard?

    Looks like the final lap with exams and such for now - Thank Heavens! he cries!

    Good ol' right wing America! It may be pretty in Boston but really! Are you quite sure?

  3. Hi anton congrats on your first year of blogging from alan i'm one of your many followers and one day hope to make my blog just as good, providing i start blogging more - hehe. I also wanted to say i hope that you are enjoying your vacation. Also sorry to hear about sasha