Thursday, December 9, 2010



So things have been quite hectic with the semester wrapping up. I finished one class today and I have 3 finals next week along with a portfolio to put together and an essay to write and a bunch of data analysis. I will be very happy when it is all over! But I have a month long break to look forward to. Today at school I got into an argument with some dumb fuck Jehovah's Witnesses about evolution and being gay. I took some of their coffee and disproved like all of their points and had a damn good time doing it.

I went ahead with the bringing my friend some booze thing and it went well. We had a nice day together and she really enjoyed it. I'm not sure what her plans with her BF are at this point. The same day my other friend from my normal group that my stupid friend gave up for her BF asked us both to come and help her with a test. It was the 1st time we have all been together since August. It was kinda awkward but nice at the same time. I dont know what the future holds in that respect.

Yesterday I was planning on hanging out with Jordan but he decided to go on a date with this one guy later in the day, and then had the nerve to text me about how great he was which was fucking annoying. i am debating if I plan on spending any time with him and my other friends this weekend. So after that let down I went to the queer straight alliance at UNM which was fucking boring cuz there are now only like 30 or so people that go now, compared to the 100+ at the beginning of the semester and all the ones left are so god damn annoying!!! But I didnt wanna go home and I though I might find someone of interest, but no such luck There was a white elephant gift exchange though. I got a Princess sash, 5 condoms and some yummy chocolate. They also had elections, so hopefully now there will be some better stuff going on at the meetings.

I TALKED TO LUIS FOR LIKE 2 WHOLE MINUTES TODAY! haha, its been since August since I talked to him... He is still quite adorable, but I need to hang out with him some more... bleh.

i have decided I am going to ask this kid I met on connexion who lives in Utah on a date while I am there this break. I totally expect him to say no, but just asking is a step for me.

Thats about it.


  1. Ahhh, yes, the end of the semester. I remember the relief.

    Sounds like things are pretty normal. Minimal drama. That's good, right? I gave up arguing with the zealots - can't win and there's no satisfaction in it. So I invite the Mormon guys in for water and to just talk. Drives them crazy that someone is being nice who is so obviously going to hell.

    Hope you have a good time with the studying for finals, and do well on them.

    Peace <3

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  3. Good luck with the 'ask'! You really could do with someone to live and love with, you know. Or just hang out with and get to know would be a very good start!

    Listen a mo - I was involved in gay society thing (except that in the UK it was at least England-wide!) I used to try to help out Organisers of local gay groups who reported like you just did. It's amazingly difficult to find subjects for socials and meetings which interest everyone when we are a cross-section of the community with very different backgrounds and differences. Even in College this can be the case.

    I just tell you that because if next year you come across the came thing you'll maybe appreciate that they need help and that you should get involved!

    Good luck with the Final push!