Saturday, December 18, 2010

Advice from the Other Side

So I have been up to quite a lot since my last post. Finals are 100% done, although I still have an essay to write. I really doubt my ability to write it though because I have a good grade in the class already and it seems like a lot of work that i reeeeally dont wanna do for 5%-10% of my whole grade. so far i know i got an 86% in one class and a 96% in another, so I am doing fine.

Me and a couple of my friends had an end of the semester party friday and it was really good cuz it was just me and a couple that im really close to. The morning after we woke up to a beautiful rain storm. We went down town and we all had a session with a psychic. As far as they go, she was very good. I dont particularly believe in it and she missed a lot of really big things, she had lots of good advice. She identified the majority of my pain and misery as my parents, she knew the best years of my life where i could truly express my creativity and skills was from 7 and back (when I was in Salt Lake City), she knew I liked history and anthropology and social sciences, she knew when i wasn't believing her and a whole bunch of other things she shouldn't have know. Also, she was like waiting for us when we went up and its almost like she was expecting us.
She told me that I need to find a better place for healing cuz I am so damaged and that I need to not be so hard on myself and I should stop telling myself I am not deserving. She said I need to stop trying to live up to peoples standards cuz that will really hurt me and that I need ways to express my creativity and skills that I have become dissociated with. When I asked her about love/romance she said I need to stop trying so hard, stop looking, and learn to love myself more first. She also said that she could clearly see one of the people I am in love with as if he was sitting next to me... and he was. Jordan was there, it was kinda awkward, but i dont think he noticed anything odd. She said my "twin flame" is current walking the earth and to not give up.
So then both Jordan and our other friend went, but for our other friend, Jordan and I went to go get coffee at the biggest hipster coffee shop in Albuquerque. By then the rain was turning to snow, which was super exciting! I plan on seeing her again, probably alone, before school starts.

After we got done with that we went to this cool metaphysical store I have been to once before and then back to Jordans. Up where we live there was much more snow, so we got all our snow gear on and went out to the golf course to play. We rolled these giant snow balls that were 3-4 feet in diameter and weighed well over 100 pounds. With them we made a fantastic, but incomplete snow fort. After that, we went sledding on some of the hills. Over all, it was a pretty amazingly fantastic day.

Yesterday I had a snow ball fight with Luis, who I saw earlier in the week too. I like being able to see him occasionally again. That evening I got together with several of my friends, most of whom live out of town or I just dont see often. We went to go see the Black Swan. It was a great movie!!!

Umm... thats about all I can think of. Oh yeah, DADT was repealed. I'm one of those few gays who didnt mind it cuz I really dont wanna be in the military ever, but yay for those who do care! I was so much more pissed that the Bush tax cuts got extended 2 years or that the dream act is going down than happy about this. Obama is a spineless failure of a president and the Senate leadership sucks and the democrats are just getting thrown around by the republicans. Its such bullshit, but whatever...
I know im missing stuff in there, and could think of more to say if my mind wasnt so foggy from allergies.
Have a good day!


  1. Well cool all the way around, Anton!!! The psychic thing sounds really neat. I never believed in them much either, and I sorta know the schitk from reading a lot about Houdini and his debunking efforts, but I also know that a good person (psychic or not) can pick up on things from people and properly interpret them. Apparently she did well for you.

    Congrats on the good grades, but never underestimate the power of an extra 5-10%...might make a B an A or an A an A+!

    Loved the snow we got! Snow day off work, so I got to go play in my 4WD Xterra for the first "official" time! And I was ready for snowy mountains in WV, but alas, the roads were 90% dry!

    I had a good day, glad you did, too!
    Peace <3

  2. Oh yes J's right of course - one last essay isn't going to kill you and it's a chance for everyone just to ease up a grade, perhaps. One last effort!

    Snow is magic! Some people who are much more sensitive and perceptive and even a bit psychic than my mum was or I am can be quite spooky the amount you can tell them (mentally) without realising it.

    That's what's it's about of course. I have a higher transmission ability than reception which means I can get people to scratch their nose or even make a cup of coffee for me sometimes. That's what's happening for you - you're are (unconsciously) transmitting all sorts of stuff about yourself which she is picking up. Of course there'll be bits missing - because you're not 'allowing' her to see those.

    From the UK I think Obama is just fine - it's your stupid American political system which is the problem! He can't get stuff through if there is a Republican majority in the Senate which is blocking everything he does which is not their policy.

    Your country is just to amazingly and horribly right wing compared to us or the rest of Western Europe - so please don't blame the first ever black President of the US!

  3. Im sad to have basically all the snow melted, so I will be happy to get to utah. And Im kinda excited to have an update from the psychic in january, she apparently has a great reputation.
    And I have yet to do more than a paragraph for the essay. I have sat down several times to try and do it, but i keep having severe writers bloce. Good news is though, that i got a 100% on that final and as long as im in the A range my GPA should be beautiful

  4. I've told you you have to love yourself :P
    And yes, Black Swan is an incredible movie. So creepy and beautiful at the same time. <3

  5. Sounds like you have a fun life, Merry Christmas!