Wednesday, November 3, 2010


So I am back from the Dead. I know it has been FOREVER since I posted, but with work and all I have not had the time or interest for anything on the internet with the exception of the occasional facebook or m-mail check in.
Yesterday was the last day of work, seeing as it was the election, and it couldn't come fast enough. By the end i was exhausted, but the money is very welcome, considering I have been spending so much of it lately.
I will spare you most of my ramblings and just give you a short synopsis of whats been up with my life in the past month.
~School. It has taken a lot of my time but I am maintaining fair grades in all of my classes, as far as I know.
~I have seen less and less of my friends because of busy work schedules and stuff, but we are still as close as ever.
~I got a psychiatric evaluation at school and scored high for anxiety and very high for depression. They have referred my to the therapist, but I have yet to have time for that.
~I won the QSA Halloween costume contest...I went as tinker bell. :) Halloween night was fairly uneventful however.
~I finished the BEST book series in the world (The Hunger Games) and as soon as I have enough money I plan on getting a tattoo that is a reference from the book. CAN'T WAIT!
~Joined Connexion, a gay social/dating site... kinda lame. :)
~Broke 2 boys hearts
~Found a boy I'm sure is gay and is super cute. I only saw him like once at Sonic, but imma go back and flirt as soon as I see hes working there again.
~I've met a ton of high profile Democrats...

Ummm... thats about all I can think of now. But im back for now at least.
Love yallll
and I may start posting on Tumblr soon, so stay tuned


  1. man, I feel so sad for us with all those conservative Republicans (please excuse my foul language on your blog) that are taking office. I guess all the stuff I was hoping for like repeal of DADT are dead...

    Find the time for the therapist. You'll be happy you did.

    Congrats on the contest! Well cool!

    Sounds like life is good. Excellent. Welcome back!

    Peace <3

  2. Anton! Wow! It's you again!

    Tinkerbell? pic? Aw, go on!

    Democrats - I'm proud of you. I met a load of senior British and European Liberals and they're even more radical! (some of them, anyway!).

    Do tell us more about his fabulous-sounding man!