Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Endless Week

All day I have thought it has been Thursday, which is the last day of my week. I find this distressing.
It has been an alright week though so far. School has been pretty average and things seem to be going pretty well in all my classes. I LOVE my World Cultures teacher!!!!
Tomorrow I'm wearing my FCKH8 shirt, so I'm pretty excited about that. If you dont know what FCKH8 is google it and watch their "Straight talk about gay marriage" video. I'd post it but I bet almost everyone has seen it and it might get old after the 20th time watching, but if you havent seen it, its really good.

Let see. Luis took state for track which is pretty exciting! I havent seen him in way too long though. I have yet to give up on my suspicions he is gay.
Then someone told this one kid at school who I have always hated just how much I hate him. I explained why this is to to a friend on facebook earlier and it went something like this:
"I dont know who doesnt know that i dislike him. he is a pathetic attention whore who pretends to be gay and have amnesia because he cant find any way for any one to even talk to him unless he is differant or disabled in some way because hes so god damn pathetic and whiney and annoying to talk to under any normal circumstance!!
haha, sorry. I'm done."
But its true. And I have no problem being an ass. i honesty couldn't care less that knows i despise him other than he is at all sorts of gay events. But I'm the king of awkward situations so it wont stop me!

There are kinda plans to go see my friends in Las Cruses in a couple weekends, but honestly I dont want to go. Its too time consuming and costly to travel that far and kinda stressful. Plus I know they are replacing us with people there, as we are replacing them up here and i don't have the resolve to keep up dissolving relationships when I have the minimum of meaningful friendships I need, and I have far more than the minimum at the moment. And their ugly annoying gay friend who I have NEVER had contact with added me on facebook and tried to talk to me the other day and I ignored him cuz it kinda creped me out.

My car is a piece of shit and pissed me off yesterday so I kinda kicked it and it has a dent in it. My parents are convinced i was hit in a parking lot. I'd feel guilty if my mom didnt work at a car place and can get it fixed super easy. I used to have a really bad temper and that behavior would have been normal, but not so much anymore. I just had a bad day yesterday.

Oh, and I basically got rid of all my links on the side. They annoyed me though, and I still have "blogs I follow" on the sidebar.

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  1. My, my you have had a busy day!

    'Tell it like it is' about this guy will you? just remember that he has feelings too and just occasionally stop and think what you would feel like if someone talked about you like that. Maybe he has reasons why he's an attention-grabber.

    Glad your Mum's place will take the dent out of your car - could she do our bin too? You're not the only one for takes it out on inanimate objects some times!

    And what links were those? I'm missing them already.