Sunday, November 14, 2010

The boy, The girl, the end. (A 'borrowed' story)

As the story goes: They were the only ones who could make each other feel that way. She was beautiful and could have whoever she wanted. She chose him. He offered her everything, and could never stand to see her sad. His smile would light up her life. He was a brilliant student, and recieved a job offer from one of the highest after only a year in the academy. He was the best of the best, and she was right behind. But it was that man who pulled him up. The man whose touch turned everything dark. The man who never cared about anything except being on top. The boy accepted the dark man's request, but not for himself. It was always for her. He wished to make the world better. A world where he would never have to see her tears again. He knew she would have to hate him for his path, but he was willing to give it up. He promised himself he'd return to her. He knew she would forgive him once he explained everything. Even if he hated that man, he would keep her in mind. That man's course was the one he had to take for her. He went along with everything the man told him to do. When the time came, he ordered the one beneathe him to attack her, but not to kill her. He knew she would never forgive him until he could see her again. She didn't understand. She had done everything he'd ever wanted. Now it seemed as though he had betrayed her. Why would he do such a thing? Had he never loved her? Had every word he'd spoken been a lie? Her heart was broken, but she carried on. She could not let herself fall. She thought that if she could talk to him, she could bring him back. When the moment was right, she tried. He pushed her back. He didn't want her to get hurt by that terrible man. He knew that if she tried to help him, the man would hurt her. He wouldn't let her get hurt. She could never understand it. She didn't understand until the end. Until it was too late. She would have been able to bring him back, she thought. She knew. She would have been able to, but he had never left. He'd always been with her. And in the end he tried to rebel against that man. He saw that if he let the man go on, she would end up dead. He couldn't let that happen. He tried to steal the man's powers, and he thought he did. But then the man returned. The man returned, and he left. He was gone. She saw all of this, and went to his side. His eyes had finally opened, and then they had closed again. He didn't see her tears, but they came. He wanted to tell her why he had hurt her, but he couldn't. He didn't have to. She already knew. She knew that the last years she had hated him for nothing. He was doing it for her. He wouldn't want her to be sad now, but she couldn't help it. He was gone. The boy who had given her everything, the boy she had given everything too, the boy who had been the only one for her, the boy that she had been the only one for. He was everything to her. Now everything was gone.
Their fairytale never had a happy ending. It was never meant to.
That man destroyed it all.

Personal annotations/additions: At times the ferocity and anger of the girl against what the man was doing were so great that the man feared that if she ever caught him, she could have destroyed him out of pure hatred combined with the love she had for the boy.
No matter how much the boy tried to protect her in his fight against the man, he seemed to have caused her irrevocable harm. Perhaps more than even the man himself could have caused. What would have happened if he had never resisted? Would he still be her everything? Would she still be his? Would she still be utterly whole, not the damaged being the battle between the boy and the man left her as? Would all things in the world still be as they were meant to be? Would mistakes be unmade? Who was this man even? Was he really that bad? Or just cause harm with no intentions of such? Alas, neither the boy nor the girl will ever get these answers, because the man DID destroy it all.

This story brought tears to my eyes. I dont know if it was the magnificence of how it was written, the genuine emotion put into, how accurate it is or how personal it is, but it is honestly one of the most moving stories I have yet come across. It definitely puts things in perspective and indicated that fixes were possible.

Thank you.


  1. Is it an allegory for some part of life? I was trying to see but nothing really connected.

  2. haha, yes. it basically sums up a friendship i had with someone thats pretty much fallen apart. Its one of the 4 i mentioned in the previous post.

  3. It sounds remarkably similar to Anakin Skywalker and Padme (?).

  4. I had never thought of that way.... but kinda. good observation :)

  5. Wow, Anton... that's a long post, and, I can't say I really understand what story it refers to, but anyways, I just stopped by to say 'hi' and I hope the college experience has been good for you... Hopefully, things have been stable at home... You sound good, more or less... I know, tho, that the transition between high school and college is difficult for some people... drifting away from childhood friends and trying to assert your independence in the midst of a lot of kids doing the same thing...

    Well, I hope you find your happiness somewhere in the middle of that chaos... lol luv, tman<3

  6. Anton... I miss you...