Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Hi!!! sorry that I've been gone forever. I didn't really have the time, energy or Internet access to post while I was on the est coast.

My trip there was alright. It was far worse than any other NSLC trip i have ever been on, but it was still a beneficial experience. We did a lot of work concerning our vision for the future. A lot of it seemed counter productive to deciding on a specific path, but I also was helpful in a lot of ways. We also had very little group bonding time, which has always been the best part of any of these trips. We did have a dance at the end which was pretty fun, and I was introduced to Zumba, which is a really fun exercises that I am going to start doing when I get home. We also saw the Washington monuments at night, which I have done before, but was still fun. We also went to Baltimore Harbor where my really good friend from a previous trip and I did some shopping, got hit on by some old hobos and had a nice diner.

I was the last to leave the conference, which just sucked, then the lines in the airport were RIDICULOUS. and when i was drooping off my bag it was over weight so i had to move stuff to my carry on, go through the line again, it was still over weight, so i had to go through that long line a 3rd time. Then security line was long and i forgot to take my laptop out and they had to run all my stuff though again. on the plane i got yelled at cuz i took my computer bag out of my carry on and i cant have 3 bags, so i had to put it back, but then it wouldn't fit over head, so i had to get back to the front which pissed everyone off and give it to the flight attendant who totally bitched me out. then my ipod died in like the 1st 5 minuets, and the airplane movie/music sucked. and they ran out of the food i wanted, so i didn't like mine, and i spilled ice on me when we hit this pocket of turbulence, and the old lady 2 seats over sneezed in her tomato juice and it hit everyone in the area. and there were a billion loud and annoying kids on the flight, including right behind me. and i sat right by the engine where its really loud. WORST TRAVEL DAY EVER!!

Then as soon as i got here things got better. I was greeted at the airport by IttyK and her sister and we went to their house and had cake, and then I came back here to my godmothers house, ant I just felt totally relaxed and at peace with the world. Yesterday wasn't so good. I was in this endless cycle of self loathing, disgust with my existence and remembering things I didn't want to. It was really miserable, and i have been experiencing it on and off for the past little while. Today I seem to be doing better. I am spending the afternoon with some of my best friends and I plan on having a really good time. Friday I'm going on a camping trip with them and I really need the get away from modern society.

Over all its a billion times better than being at my house. I haven't talked to my mom much, besides to check in a couple times and give her an ultimatum that if both of them aren't in A.A. by the time I get back, I'm moving out.

I will be posting more often now that I'm here, but still probably not as much as usual.
Love you!


  1. Man, that flight home was the flight from hell for sure. I think I would have given up about half way through all that. All in all, it sounds like your overall trip experience was positive. I'm glad to hear you are more comfortable at your godmother's house. The camping trip sounds like it will be a fun experience. I hope the rest of the week is a good one for you.

  2. Sounds like a flight I had out of Denver, years ago, after the Bronco's won the Superbowl... the plane was full of drunk fans, and was jammed, because the airline overbooked some flights, and dumped a bunch of these guys on my flight... I almost got into a fight with an idiot who thought it was fine to stand in the aisle, with his drink in his hand, hanging over my seat... he finally got the idea after I asked him 4 times nicely, and finally got fed up, and confronted him... the flight crew came running and sat the fool down, and FINALLY stopped serving booze on the flight... Of course, by that time, half of the flight was hammered, and completely full of themselves, as if they were the players that actually won the game... hmmm... So, been there, done that...
    I hope the camping trip restores your good feelings, and you don't get eaten by bears or something... ; P luv, tman<3

  3. Hi there, Anton

    Welcome back! I'm not sure that eight days is forever, but I guess it's a long time, in blog-land as well as in politics.


    I'm sorry to hear the conference wasn't all you had hoped for, but I guess there has to be a worst one at some point. Coming up with a shared vision for the way forward for a large group can take a lot of apparently unproductive talking, if you want each person to have a chance of understanding everyone else's point of view.

    Your journey back sounds utterly grim :-(
    I don't think I could have stood it.

    It sounds as if your godmother's house is a good place for you to be, even if there's the occasional down time. This afternoon and the camping trip sound good - I hope you have a great time with both!