Friday, July 30, 2010

New Developments?

So the visit with the fam was pretty fun. I got better acquainted with some of my 2nd cousins. I really dislike them all, but I had to make an appearance for a little cuz they all wanted to see me. They made it fun for me anyways, so it was okay.
Since then I have been doing most of my usual Utah stuff. I had another big card game and I have been to several movies. Today I saw Diner for Schmucks, it was really good! I also went to Lagoon with one of my friends and some people I didn't really know. Lagoon is an amusement park and they have some pretty good rides and I had a really good time.

My parents are showing they are devoted to changing their ways. Both of them are in detox facilities now and seeing a psychiatrist. My moms been kinda freaking and stuff, and acting really weird, but I think this situation has emotionally scared her. But anyways I'm hopeful this will keep them good at least till I move out. I had to arrange for a neighbor to come get me from the airport cuz there is a good chance they will still be gone when I get back home. I'm kinda excited about possibly coming home to an empty house. It will help me acclimate again. I have lots of parties planed when I get back, an over night trip and a concert. So i prob wont see them much even when they are back... but I will try to be social and at least act forgiving, even though I'm not, just as positive reinforcement.

I also came out to my godmother today and that went well, besides being somewhat awkward, but I always figured it would be just with the kind of relationship we have. Tomorrow I will come out one of the last ones, and then I will be pretty much liberated from hiding behind a mask, except around my extended family. I have a big shopping day tomorrow that I'm quite excited about and I plan on wasting some money!! =D I'm going to have trouble getting everything back home though... there is so much of it!

Love you all lots! I'll post more regularly after I get home sometime.

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  1. It sounds so good, really, You must have all your fingers crossed for your folks.

    But well done for another 'coming out' success! It's great that you're so nearly free to be yourself with your whole family! It's a fantastic boost to one's self confidence, isn't it?