Monday, July 5, 2010

Heading Out

Hey!! Sorry it’s been a while... it’s been busy.
So I'm leaving in about 13 hours for Washington DC!!! I'm really excited; it should be so much fun! Worst part is that I have to get a ride to the airport with my dad... It totally sucks having any interaction with either parent, both keep acting like things are totally acceptable, which pisses me off. I have made sure I have kept things tense with my mom, she needs to know how pissed I am, but I also am holding back to not make her drink more. I'm sticking to my conditions that both of them have to be totally sober and in A.A. when I get out, or I will find a roommate to get an apartment with... I will remind her of it a couple times while I'm gone, and we will just have to see what they do.

Let’s see, we had a little mud hut party the other night. It was just a couple of us, and no John, so I was kinda really sad about that. I went to see How to Train Your Dragon with Luis the other day. It was really good!!! Then I went to see fireworks on the 3rd and 4th. They were really good, and both nights the people I was with had tons of illegal’s, which were really loud and cool, and scary... I almost got hit by a few of them. Fortunately, I'm a ninja. =)
Both nights John was supposed to come, but wasn’t able too, which really sucked, cuz I wanted to get drunk with him before I left... oh well... I will when I get back. I decided I really don’t want a relationship, but I want John... IDK.
A lot more has happened, but I can’t really think right now, and I gotta go pack more... But I will keep you updated on anything big!


  1. Hi there, Anton

    It's late here now, so just a brief comment. I hope you have a great time in Washington, and I look forward to hearing all about it.

    Best of luck with your parents as well; at least you're getting a break from them for a while.

    Take care


  2. Have a good time in D.C. Anton... It's hot as hell in the northeast right now... I hope Washington is cooler... Make sure you bring the sunscreen, and a hat too!! Even if it messes with your '

    Oh, and, I think that ninjas are very selective about what they do or do not drink... just saying... Be safe; can't wait to hear about your trip!! luv, tman<3

  3. Have a great time in Washington and well done for keeping the pressure on your parents.

    Have fun and take care


  4. Wow, what is blogger doing?? I left a comment yesterday, and now it vanished!! Hope fully, this one posts!! Have fun in D.C. kid... wear your sunscreen, and a hat... it's hot as hell, and protecting the 'do isn't as important as your health!! And, by the way, ninjas are quite disciplined people, especially when it comes to alcohol!! Just saying... luv, tman<3