Sunday, September 26, 2010


Hey! So nothing has calmed down really, but I have made some time in the past couple days to have to myself.

School is slightly less stressful in some aspects, but more so in others. The results from my first test weren't so good... a 72%, but I will actually study better for the next class in that class. Me and my friend who I have school with (and don't like) have made a new friend that we have been hanging out with a bit. We went to his house one day after school because he lives super close to the school. He has some really awesome dogs and we went to a few cool stores, that I need to go back to sometime. One is this new age store that my friends would like, so we will probably go Wednesday instead of going to QSA. One of our co-chairs pissed Jordan off because Jordan said he didn't really like our last meeting on a Facebook discussion board and then was told to "Just stop coming" if he didn't like the meetings. But it was a really awful meeting where the Christians came in and told us they loved us and we were all children of god and kinda shoving their views down one the throats of one of the least Christian groups at school. But I'm sure we will go again soon, just not for a couple weeks. Wednesdays are still gonna be designated as days we all try to get together and hang out. I love my friends so much! haha

I kinda got a job today! I get paid $9 an hour to go door to door for Democrats in New Mexico for the elections in a couple weeks. I'm excited to have a little work, even if its only gonna be for the next couple weeks. I also got registered to vote today. My parents and I went to a harvest festival in Coralles, which is a cool little town. It wasn't so fun, but its will wake my parents happy and probably keep them sober, which they have been. I also went to a family night thing at my dad's aftercare program, which was interesting, and I'm sure it made him feel supported. I still hate him, but the happier he is, the easier life is for me...

I have had one of my infamous change-of-hearts. Daniel has recently started annoying me and I'm back on the look for anything, although I'm really just not that interested in many people. I have also been depressed the past week or so, just thinking about flaws and all sorts of negative stuff, but I think its getting better. These though patterns seem to be pretty cyclical with me.

At a mud hut party we had Jordan and I sat on the roof and talked a lot about a lot of stuff, and it was probably the most intimate (in a non-romantic way) moment I have had with a single person in some time. He said he and some of my other friends are genuinely concerned for me and I explained some of my emotions and how important he is to me and we got a better understanding of each other and he just helped me out a lot. We also talked about less important stuff, but it was a really good experience. The rest of the evening was fun too.
The next day when we were driving around a creepy old man drove up next to us while we were laughing and said something about how we were having a good time, and he had to have fun by himself and started making this jacking off motion, so we laughed awkwardly and drove off pretty quickly.

I got in a fight of sorts with a woman at wal-mart the other night. I was a person or 2 behind her in line, and her credit card wasn't working so a manager had to come over to help the cashier. The whole time the woman was being a bitch to both of them. i got fed up really fast with both her attitude and the slow line, so I picked my stuff up to leave, but before I left i told her " you know, just because you may have had a bad day, that doesn't mean you have to be a cunt to people who are just trying to do their job." and Then I left after a little smile exchanged with the cashier. Then in the parking lot, my box of sodas broke and I had to clean the up from all over and she walked out and just passed me, laughing, to which I told her to go to hell. it was entertaining.

Next weekend my friends and I are going to the Cocorosie concert! I'm so excited! they are so weird! And my friends who moved away are coming for it too! I will post a couple of their songs... So weird!

Umm... I think that is everything. So yeah!
Post again soon...

Monday, September 20, 2010


...that's the one word I can give life at the moment. One thing after another keeps turning up. School, homework, friends, clubs... all sorts of stuff. And I need a job but I really don't have time.

I am working on changing my eating habits. I am eating less meat, like 75% of what I usually eat. I used to be a vegetarian, and I may go back to it. I can not support that cruel industry in good conscience though, it is disgusting what we can do to other living creatures. And I am also trying to eat less. i have gained 5 pounds since school started and I am not going to let the freshman 15 conquer me!

Daniel (from QSA) came over Saturday for a Mud Hut. It was just me, him, one of his friends who left before we fell asleep and Stephanie. We drank a bit, not too much though, i promise, and then the two of us fooled around a bit. Not too much though cuz we were both tired. :P I credit anything that happened to the alcohol because I feel like he doesn't like me as much normally, but I don't know, I get mixed signals. He did buy my lunch the next day when we went shopping. :)

Oh, here is a pic of Sam, me (in the middle) and Jordan after the 80s party. haha, Jordan is so hot! And absolutely perfect, and my 2nd favorite person in the world, but we are just friends :P

I am on the 2nd book in the Hunger Games series and they get better and better all the time. I LOVE them!

Hmmm... some people really need to figure out when they have overstayed their welcome in my life. I don't want them there anymore, but they keep making appearances. Its so annoying, but I also don't want to say anything directly because that is tactless.

I'll keep you posted!
~Anton <3

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

So Tired

Hello! So college and extracurricular stuff and friends has kept me pretty excessively busy. I'm literally at home for a little more than to sleep, get ready, surf the web for a few hours and sometimes eat. Just a short time ago I couldn't get out of the house enough, but I like it better this way.

So i went to Las Cruces last weekend and had a blast. Rocky Horror Picture Show was great, and there were A LOT of hot gay boys there, several of whom were wearing nothing more than underwear! I'm going next year in costume and I will be even better!! The rest of the trip was... crazy. But fun! I really miss not having all of the group in one place. But its only a 3ish hour drive and could be a lot worse. On the way down my friend that I was going with and me almost became the wicked witch of the west. A semi carrying a mobile home cut me off out of nowhere and nearly crushed us, but fortunately the car I was driving had good breaks, but you could smell the burning rubber for minutes after and I was shaking from the whole thing like crazy.

The boy from QSA and i have been texting a bit and went shopping one day. I think he is just a bit awkward and I get mixed signals from him, but we'll see how things go. I 'might' consider a relationship with him because he is so different than other guys that I'm typically attracted to. Tomorrow we are having an 80s party, so that should be very interesting.

IDK when I will start posting as often as I used to again cuz I am so busy, but I will try to do 2 posts a week or at least one and get all the big stuff in.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Stress and Happiness

So, this is my 1st post from my NEW LAPTOP!!!! It is AMAZING! Most of the cost was covered by my godmother, which was incredible helpful. I have been quite miserable with my desktop being broken. Anyways, it has a 17.3" screen, a top of the line sound system, a camera, 500GB hard drive and like a bazillion other amazing features, and it only cost a little over $800, including tax.

School has been absolutely exhausting and I am a bit behind still, but tomorrow is my last day for the week, and it cant come fast enough.

However, today was my 2nd Queer-Straight-Alliance meeting and it was great. We divided into teams and went on a photo scavenger hunt across campus. That was a lot of fun and my team came in 3rd place. There is also a boy there that I was talking to last week, and tonight I got his number and I'll text him a little tomorrow. He is kinda cute and dorky and sweet... I still don't want a relationship, but I would go on a few dates with him and see where things go.
Next week the QSA is having an 80s party, and we are gonna get all dressed up and it should be super fun!

This weekend I am going down to Las Cruces to see my friends down at NMSU and to go to a Rocky Horror Picture Show thing they are having. I cant wait for that!!!

Thats about it. Besides being a little stressed and some people being totally ridiculous, I am a happy camper. Just very very busy.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Bitches and Boys

Hey! short post tonight, cuz its late and I gotta get up early.
~The queer straight alliance thing was great! Tons of cute boys, 2 of which I have a rather strong desire to break up and get with myself, one from my English class and another I flirted with quite a bit. I'll get his number next week. We couldn't find the gay club we wanted to go to, I think its only open Trurs-Sat... and we went to the meeting with one of Steph's friends who happens to be in a wheel chair for a bit, so even if we did find it, we may not have even gone in.
~So this bitch on facebook posted something like "Eew, a lesbian just winked at me, wheres my holy water?" So there is this huge fight on her comment and I post this long thing telling her to fuck off. It was really interesting, and I'd post the whole thing, but the bitch deleted it. Any who, i unfriended her and life's good now, especially cuz shes so butt-hurt about it.
Good night! I love you