Tuesday, September 14, 2010

So Tired

Hello! So college and extracurricular stuff and friends has kept me pretty excessively busy. I'm literally at home for a little more than to sleep, get ready, surf the web for a few hours and sometimes eat. Just a short time ago I couldn't get out of the house enough, but I like it better this way.

So i went to Las Cruces last weekend and had a blast. Rocky Horror Picture Show was great, and there were A LOT of hot gay boys there, several of whom were wearing nothing more than underwear! I'm going next year in costume and I will be even better!! The rest of the trip was... crazy. But fun! I really miss not having all of the group in one place. But its only a 3ish hour drive and could be a lot worse. On the way down my friend that I was going with and me almost became the wicked witch of the west. A semi carrying a mobile home cut me off out of nowhere and nearly crushed us, but fortunately the car I was driving had good breaks, but you could smell the burning rubber for minutes after and I was shaking from the whole thing like crazy.

The boy from QSA and i have been texting a bit and went shopping one day. I think he is just a bit awkward and I get mixed signals from him, but we'll see how things go. I 'might' consider a relationship with him because he is so different than other guys that I'm typically attracted to. Tomorrow we are having an 80s party, so that should be very interesting.

IDK when I will start posting as often as I used to again cuz I am so busy, but I will try to do 2 posts a week or at least one and get all the big stuff in.


  1. Well most of all glad you are right and alive.

    Glad you are enjoying college. and hope you do well with your schooling.

    What no pics? lol take care

  2. I've missed you, Anton... hope you're doing as well in college as I know that you can!! luv, tman<3

  3. Hi there, Anton

    Thanks for writing: it's another happy post, and it's great to hear that life is going so well for you.

    Please don't worry about how often you post: we like to hear from you, but it's not compulsory, and you have more important things to do, with college work, and social life with real life friends, old and new.

    How did your 80s party go?

    Take care


  4. As Larry the Cable Guy would say "now that's funny" - referring to the Wicked Witch of the West comment! Glad you're OK, and the writing is AWESOME! (I've had my share of close calls, good brakes are really important!)

    It is so cool that Rocky Horror Picture Show is still out there, and still popular. I was around in its infancy, and went to some of its first screenings. Glad you had a good time, and if the well fit guys are now coming in undies, maybe its time to go back!

    Post when you can. If they're this good, we'll all be sticking around to read them. But live life, dude. Blogs are cool, real life is better!

    Peace <3