Thursday, September 9, 2010

Stress and Happiness

So, this is my 1st post from my NEW LAPTOP!!!! It is AMAZING! Most of the cost was covered by my godmother, which was incredible helpful. I have been quite miserable with my desktop being broken. Anyways, it has a 17.3" screen, a top of the line sound system, a camera, 500GB hard drive and like a bazillion other amazing features, and it only cost a little over $800, including tax.

School has been absolutely exhausting and I am a bit behind still, but tomorrow is my last day for the week, and it cant come fast enough.

However, today was my 2nd Queer-Straight-Alliance meeting and it was great. We divided into teams and went on a photo scavenger hunt across campus. That was a lot of fun and my team came in 3rd place. There is also a boy there that I was talking to last week, and tonight I got his number and I'll text him a little tomorrow. He is kinda cute and dorky and sweet... I still don't want a relationship, but I would go on a few dates with him and see where things go.
Next week the QSA is having an 80s party, and we are gonna get all dressed up and it should be super fun!

This weekend I am going down to Las Cruces to see my friends down at NMSU and to go to a Rocky Horror Picture Show thing they are having. I cant wait for that!!!

Thats about it. Besides being a little stressed and some people being totally ridiculous, I am a happy camper. Just very very busy.


  1. Glad to hear things are going good for you now. The new laptop sounds great.

  2. OK then, when you mastered your new laptop you can maybe give me some hints about my first ever MacBook which has a load of stuff I'm sure I'm not using and some things I still can't get it to do!

    'Kinda cute and dorky and sweet' - now just you be nice to him ('don't want a relationship but I would go on a few dates with him') - just mind you don't string him along and then drop him: that wouldn't be very nice. I'm sure you can just be friends with him and just see if that works for you both.

  3. Glad you like your new laptop.

    I think I'm going to enjoy my QSA myself and hope to make new friends.

    Take care and don't let school and life stress you too much


  4. Hi there, Anton

    It sounds as if life at university is going pretty well; I'm really glad to hear, after all the stress you've had in the last few months. Very very busy, a little stressed and a few totally ridiculous people sounds about par for the course.

    The QSA sounds good as well, especially for meeting people - I hope things go well with your "kinda cute" guy, whether it turns out to be friendship or something more.

    Have a great weekend!

    Take care