Monday, February 21, 2011


Hey! So yeah, I couldn't thinnk of a post title, hence ^ that. This weekend has been one of the most boring ever. Well, not really, but it has been kinda lame and I have had way too much time to myself.

Basically I did nothing productive, even the little but of homework i had, which I will have to do on the bus or in astronomy tomorrow. I did go to a party one night with Jordan and Sonia. It was pretty fun and full of moderately attractive gay boys and some straight girls. I mostly just sat around and talked to Sonia and occasionally some other people. There was a guy there who reminded me sooooo much of John. So it kinda disgusted me cuz i truly hate his guts, but it also brought up some old feelings. Anyways, that party ended, so we went to another, which seemed interesting, but Sonia was leaving and Jordan was super drunk (and ended up at someone else's house) so I left with Sonia and ended up getting home at about 4.
Then the night after I hung out with my friends for like 3 hours. But that has been the extent of all my social interactions for the past 4 days, which has been painfully little for me.

Also my parents are being annoying tits. When they are sober they are obnoxious as fuck, when they drinking they throw all our money away and fuck things up. There is NO middle ground that I can tolerate. I'd definitely rather have this then the drinking, but I still hate them both so much. In the middle of the week I was seriously considering moving to Las Cruses and just saying fuck it, which I may still do for next semester. I may also just try to rent a house here with Sam and Steph. IDK, but I hate being around these idiots.
Also, my moms short term disability that she is getting for her surgery is nearly a month late, so I gave her a $200 loan, and I am getting $300 back when the money gets here. And they are sending her more than she was expecting, so hopefully some more of that money will make it my way. I would LOVE to get a new car.

Um... I also really hate my hair. It is ridiculous and nasty and annoying and I want someone else's hair. Also I wanna get my 1st tattoo soon. I just cant decide if i want it on my right ankle, right fore are, right shoulder or one of my wrists. Also I kinda wanna get my lip pierced. I cant decide if i want spider bites or just my left side though... I need to be less indecisive. Hmm...

Well, I think thats it for now
Post again laters


  1. Wow, a true rant! Glad you got it out before you exploded.

    I'm sorry you have to deal with drinking like you do. It can really screw people up, and it sounds like your parents have a real problem with alcohol. Sometimes distance is a good thing. If you can afford to move, perhaps that's the thing to do.

    Hair is easy to fix. Find a decent stylist and tell them to make you more handsome. The tat, well, maybe I'll join you. I'm thinking right shoulder blade. But you can keep the piercings. Especially in the face. Not my thing at all. But then I'm an old fart.

    Peace <3

  2. I know what you mean. I used to be indecisive but now I'm not so sure.