Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Weekend

SO I just got back from Las Cruses a few hours ago. In summary, Friday night was one of the best of my life, and made the whole trip unbelievably good. The drives there and back were pretty uneventful and I drove the whole way both ways, which I was fine with cuz my friends suck at driving.

We got there and we got settled with our newish friend, Nia and a totally new person who was kinda an obnoxious bitch, but tolerable. Then eventually Bri and Jess show up with Andy. After they got there we started blasting music and played with glow sticks and started doing some shit and having fun. Then we went to our 1st party of the night and we met some people who went to high school with us and stayed there for an hour or so. Then we went to a kegger where this cool band playing and a ton of people and stayed there for another hour or so, but only Steph and I were having a blast, but we met some other people there who were throwing there own party later which we went to after a quick return to their apartment. We spent about 6 hours at that last party and got kinda fucked up, but I ended up drinking far less than I would have expected. At that party there was this guy who had these gloves with flashing colored lights at the ends of these gloves and in the dark they provided an AWESOME light show. haha, and the same guy also gave a couple of us in the group fantastic back massage. We just chilled there for a few hours and various other things happened, but some areas are kinda fuzzy.

The next day everyone but me slept in till 2, i got up at and just watched TV. We saw some more old friends and met some new ones when they came over that afternoon and we played Wii and just chilled. That night we went to this frat party that was surprisingly small and kinda lame. Beer pong was fun though we lost. Then we sang happy birthday for the guy whose party it was, but one of his frat brothers cake slammed him really hard and busted a couple of his teeth. So that party died and we went back to the apartment and had our own chill party and had an early night, well, 2 am, which is early for there. This mornig we got breakfast and said a teary goodbye, but we have plans on going back in almost exactly a month when we will go to this amazing gay club in El Paso and more fun stuff. I cant wait. I miss those friends so much and I have such a good time when I'm down there with them.

I have been kinda pissy since I got home cuz I was so much happier there, but if I was there a lot longer I would have got annoyed being around so many people. I wanted to meet this one gay friend of theirs, but I never had the chance. Maybe next time. So tomorrow I will just get ready for school and whatever.

I have taken like 2 hours to work on this cuz I am watching the Grammys and I keep getting distracted.
Post again soon!