Thursday, February 10, 2011

Going out of town

Hey guys. I just wanna give you a quick update, cuz I still have to pack. This weekend 2 of my friends and me are going to Las Cruses to see some of our old high school friends who go to school there. I am really excited.
This past week has been pretty good. We had Stephs 19th birthday party and I have just seen a bit of my friends and had school. I had my 1st test in Macroeconomics and I am pretty sure I aced it.
BORN THIS WAY by Lady Gaga premiers tomorrow!!!!!!!!!! I am so excited!
Um... thats all I can think of now. But I gotta go pack now, so I will update you all after I get back. Sorry, if its a but boring on here lately

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  1. YOU GO GUY!!!
    (Short response to a short, but cool post)
    Peace <3