Saturday, August 7, 2010


FUCK! Well this weekend was total shit. This is gonna be a not so friendly bitchy rant post too. I'm PISSED! and I decided I don't swear enough on here because I swear a lot in real life.

So Thursday things went to hell for Jess who's dad found her pot stash. Shes not in huge trouble, but she killed her trust with him and isn't allowed out of the house too much. That night was fine. The rest of us just watched movies and whatever. Friday morning we all met up to go to the amusement park, and that went fine too. We got tired of the park and really hot so we headed to Jordan's house for our weekend long party that we have been planning forever. I was super excited because John was coming, and I have never partied with him before. There was about 15 of us there, maybe 10 drinking, and it was all pretty normal and relaxed. John, however was taking shots like every round when most of us were only doing 1/2 or 3/4 of the rounds everyone was taking. I was pretty much keeping pace with him and I wasn't really fucked up or anything cuz I'm a heavyweight. John said it took him like 12 to get pretty fucked up, and we both made it to 10, which no one would have let John get to if anyone was paying attention. Well, apparently John is a much lighter weight than he thought and he got TOTALLY SHIT-FACED!
He stared of being normal funny drunk or whatever, and we were kinda cuddled up on the couch watching shark week and it was really nice and whatever. Then he was just getting reckless, and ended up getting in the fucking pool. A couple people were already in there, but there was the shallow end/swimming buddy/only if you are 'tipsy' rule, but John was too fucked up to care. So Bri and I get in with him and are baby sitting him trying to get him slowly to the stairs, but he is a mess and yeah. Oh, and before he got to his worse point and we were in there fucking Madison (who I LOATHE) convinced me and John to make out a bit, and I was not thinking, but then I finally figured out it was wrong. Then eventually John tries to take off my swimming trunks and so I stop him and hes like "Oh, I'm sorry" and whatever and stops. so eventually he kinda starts freaking out and Jordan comes out and we get him out and Jordan talks to him and I* stay on pool duty in case he gets back in cuz I'm coherent enough to do so.
He starts throwing up a bit so we get a bag and move him into the bathroom. He is still freaking out and crying and confessing things he never normally would. So we get him over the toilet and this mother fucker starts like passing out on us and is totally non responsive and were slapping him and splashing water on him to wake him up. No one is nearly as bad as he is, and Bri Sam Jordan and I are taking turns taking are of him, helping him throw up, and feeding him bread and giving him water and what not for 2 1/2 fucking hours and the dumb ass is still not fully functioning.
THEN his fucking curfew rolls around and him moms like "HOME! NOW!" so we're like oh fuck and then shes like "get your ass home or I'm calling the cops up there" so we start panicking a little and text her back that hes on his way. So we get him clothed cuz he was swimming in his underwear and Jordan and I frog-march him home with some others as look outs. His little brother was texting us from inside and was incredibly helpful. So Jordan and I take him in and he still cant walk all that well and his moms yelling down the top of the stairs and sends his brother down and then we hear "Get those boys out of here, your dad's waking up and they don't want to be here for that" so Jordan and I book it out of there back to his house where the others are hiding all the evidence of ANYTHING illegal, and doing a damn good job of it.
We get our cover story together and its really good and whatever, so I text Brittany and tell her what to say if John or Jordan's moms ask anything which is totally not incriminating and super easy and she is all like "Well I don't really want to and as forewarning I will tell the truth if I'm asked" and we are like you fucking bitch, I know there might be some trouble involved, but we wouldn't think twice about helping you out if you needed it, way to be an awesome friend. But no cops are called or anything and we look scott free, so we go to bed.
In the morning Jordan gives him mom the cover story and whatever and we clean up and get ready for tonight. Brittany's little brother tells us her boyfriend, who none of us really like is planning to come over. Without Jordan's permission. So he texts her and is like "Its cool if Nathan comes over, but it would be awesome if you could ask me first" and shes all like " well its your brothers house too, and you guys seem to have a problem hanging out with Nathan, so I have a problem hanging out with all of you" so we are all fuck no,, and Jordan and her get into a big text argument and she is being an irrational bitch who is obviously brain washed by her boy friend. TRUST ME, I looked at this objective. So shes kinda on the outs, but in a couple days I'm gonna try to make peace with her cuz we have a ton of classes together and I feel like I need to for that fact, but not really any other. I'm PISSED at her dumb ass. But anyways, mid-day Jordan gets a call from his mom who had just talked to Johns mom and got the story from her and she is PISSED!! So we are all supposed to go home and Jordan is in DEEP SHIT. But some of us stay anyways and help him out and just vent with him and hang out. Then I take the others who are still left to their cars, call Jess (who has also upset most of us, but I'll perhaps share that story another day) and then I head home.
So out of our group, 2 are moving to another city for college, one is a total bitch, ones in super deep shit, and then 2 of us are whatever. This is not how its supposed to be!!!! I'm starting a search for new friends in college though, so we'll see how that goes.

Before I left for that adventure I found a cooler of beers that belongs to my dad. I FUCKING HATE THAT WORTHLESS FUCKING FUCKTARD!!!!!! I TOLD MY MOM TO NOT GO BACK TO HIS DUMB ASS AND LOOK WHATS HAPPENED OVER THE PAST 2 MONTHS!!! I FUCKING HATE BOTH MY PATENTS!!!!!!!! At least my moms not drinking and my dads hopefully going to detox again tomorrow. I told him this was the one warning they would get and then after that I'm gone forever, and I have talked to my mom about it today too. If he stars again after this detox trip either him or I are gonna leave and IDK where I will go, but it wont be this shit hole. I FUCKING HATE MY LIFE!!!!! UGH!

So yeah, that's whats up.... I may have forgot something, and I'll post it later if I did but I'm fucking tired and pissed and I'm gonna take a couple shots and watch Pirates of the Caribbean and have a good time./ Don't worry about the alcohol, I'm just stressed as FUCK!


  1. This is why I refuse to drink

    With that aside I'm glad that everyone is fine (as in not dead or hospitalized) and that you guys don't appear to be in legal trouble.

    Take it easy on the drinking so you don't go overboard.

    Hope things get better in your life and your dad does listen to you b/c I would hate for your life to get harder b/c you moved out.

    Take care and Feel better

  2. But it tastes nice (mostly) and feels nice and is easy to drink and hard to stop once you start. And doesn't everyone - including the rents - do it anyway? ? ?

    But Ethan is right about knowing what it can do and you're giving us all an object lesson here, what with your Dad in particular and your friends!

    Just cool it and maybe the part-changing of friends is not such a bad thing eh?

  3. You know, alcoholism runs in your family.... Do you really think that you can stuff that evil genie back in its bottle? If you read back thru your blog, more and more of your posts are centered around getting drunk..... And while you are all proud of the fact that your a 'heavyweight' when it comes to alcohol intake, what it really says, is you are in danger of becoming addicted to it.

    So, please, please stop drinking!

  4. look, it's not just me that worries.

  5. ok Anton you may not like this reply to this post !
    But I find a couple things hard to take from this post. One you knowing the effects and causes from drinking and you put yourself smack dap in the middle of it.
    Two how you deal with a unresponsive person.
    I do have to say I respect your honor of not taking advantage of his drunkenness.
    You show all the signs clear of this forming as a not healthy addiction. Drinking to escape stress is how this all starts and genetics, and what you seen when you where younger . You even have what many don't both parents full fledge addicts of it. But yet you still drinking , and heavily. Being a heavyweight isn't a good thing! I understand part of this is your age and socializing but this put you and unforgettably your friend in danger . Yall were and are extremely lucky he is o.k. You are ten times more likely to be addict than most. Just due to you family history. It starts somewhere. Man I don't know what to tell you , and really hate to see you go down this road. But you setting your self up to repeat history. I would hope you find other options and take care of yourself. But you have to be the one that does this no one else. Until you are ready to deal with it ... it looks like your setting yourself up for a hard road. I wish you the best and hope you see the signs I know you do. I am in no way judging you I just want better for you. Hang in there Anton .... life hard enough with out addictions

  6. dude, oh my goodness hahahaha okay, so there are two new letters fyi but dude, let me begin. WTF ARE YOU THINKING?!! YOU HAD JOHN like RIGHT there totally going for you! Hello?! Opportunity much? Well, okay, yeah I can see why not with him being shit faced but still, HELLO! hahaha. Next with the Brittany thing, I think we need to talk in person about that because guaranteed if I give my opinion about it NOW (I posted a blog from her P.O.V. but now that I know more then yeah) it won't come out right or something. Next your parents? Dude, you're booking it in two years, try really really hard to deal with it. You already have for like eighteen years now, two more can't kill you. And what's going on with Jess? Why are you guys mad at her?

    And finally,
    we cry a lot.
    I've noticed that, when we get drunk we cry. I mean I obviously cried that last time, John was crying, and before that you told me you guys had a balling fest. We just cry a lot. hahahaha