Monday, August 16, 2010

The Blood on the Walls

Hello! So I'm back from taking a break. Life has been chaotic between friends and family stuff.
I haven't been up to too much out to the ordinary myself... I have just been seeing my friends or hanging out at home. One of my friends moved yesterday because she is going to NMSU which is only 4 hours away, but its still sad.
An odd thing happened yesterday. As I was walking gown our stairs I noticed a considerable about of dried blood on the wall. I know it hadn't been there that morning, and I was the only one home for most the day. It was very strange, and it was at different heights on the wall as well...
My dad has been in detox the past 4 days, and has not been missed at all. He can rot in there for all I care. My apathy has greatly annoyed my mom, who still won't take any responsibility for her actions. I am continuing to look for a job and a place to live.
As far as my drinking which was greatly concerned in the last post... I do not think it is excessive, I know I can stop, and I am stopping before school starts anyways. I knew the 2 or so weeks between when I returned from Utah and when people started leaving for college would be a bit crazy... but I have the situation well under control and I am going to stop so I can focus on school, which starts in a week from today.
I am very excited for school... It should be a great experience.
Love you all


  1. Blood on the walls?? That is weird....

  2. Maybe it was a bat on heat. They can roost on walls I understand.

    I think the sooner you can liberate yourself the saner you will be.

    Economic independence is the key. When you get your act together and are about to go you should try to make peace with your Mum big style. She can be very useful in helping you live independently. It's good to be able to phone up for news on what to do about blood staines or thickening up a sauce to put over your chicken or something.

  3. Hey Anton... you're back... I just noticed your post... I'm glad that you're going to stop the drinking nonsense in time for school... I think Biki said it all for me, in the previous post...
    I'm excited to hear that your new adventure is about to begin!! You'll do well if you concentrate on your studies and resist the urge to let loose until you get some good results under your belt.
    I can't imagine what the wall stains are, except, possibly a roof leak in the area above the stairs... Sometimes the stains are actually roof materials that have been wet, and when a leak develops, the contaminated water runs down the wall, and makes an odd, brownish red stain... I've seen it a lot in my trade, but, if it's not that... well, the only thing I can think of, is cats... I can't remember if you have any, but, they can do some odd things... lol luv, tman<3