Monday, January 31, 2011

Onto February

So things have been... odd. I have lots of free time, but I feel like I have very little time to get things done that I need too. I reeeally need to write my resume to apply for this summer internship, but it sounds like soooooo much effort.

I;m getting ready to start looking for a job, but the fact that I have so much spending money at the moment is discouraging me from looking. But I will, soon.

I found out John has a tumblr. I kinda wanna follow him to make it reeeeally awkward, but I could see a lot of drama coming out of me having any contact with him.

I have been considering renting a house with a couple of my friends this fall, but I don;t know if I could handle being around them so much. I love them, I just need a lot of completely alone time. Also, I want to save money for when I move out of the state after college, and possibly out of the U.S. at some point.

Apparently one of you are old friends with Jordan and found him again from my Tumblr account, so thats pretty nifty. :) When he told me it was a "Whoa, small world" moment.

Tonight I am going to see The Rite with my friends. I think it looks terrifying, and it is hard to scare me.

Thats about all the news here.
ttyl :)


  1. My problem with resumes is shortening them. HAHAHAHA Good luck with yours.

    I can state with complete confidence that I'm friends with only one of the many roommates I've had over the years. Not sure if that means I'm hard to live with, or they were. In any case, saving money is important, as long as you can have the pace you need, that's probably why my last roomie and I still are good friends - big enough house for both of us.

    Hrmmm, job...better start looking b4 the spending money runs out, the market is still tight, even in college towns...but you know that!

    Thanks for the update!
    Peace <3

  2. Free time and money - lucky guy!

    'j' is right though - you really must get things organised BEFORE you run out of either money or time. Get up off your chair!

    And yes of course you should share with friends - it's so much better than sharing with people who are not friends or who turn out not to be. And surely everyone wants and needs some free time, don't they?

    I mean - I'm pretty gregarious but sometimes almost anyone can get seriously on my tits.